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Visa Sponsorship

Tired of getting the runaround from your sponsor? Frustrated by not getting paid on time? It can be difficult navigating the H-1B process. As an international consultant, now, more than ever, it is crucial you secure the right assistance with your visa and employment in the United States.

Working for MATRIX means a smoother, easier process for your H-1B visa sponsorship. MATRIX provides a wealth of expertise to help you secure sponsorship for several visa types, including H-1B, TN, and E-3. Our subject-matter expertise and strict adherence to the United States government regulations will help ensure a trouble-free process. We understand that each visa situation is unique, and address any potential issues from the beginning, to ensure a successful outcome. These aspects combined have helped us secure a significant number of non-immigrant visas.


“The H-1B visa process is the same anywhere you go, but the advantage with MATRIX is the personal attention you receive. MATRIX provides an immigration specialist who was in constant touch with me every day, morning and evening. Most importantly, she made me feel at ease and comfortable so that I wasn’t anxious in the waiting period the process. I was able to rest knowing MATRIX was on top of checking on my status and making sure the paperwork was completed on time. They provide a level of flexibility and care that I haven’t experienced anywhere else.”

-  Karthik Srinivasan, Sr. Technical Program Manager


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