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Time Cards

With our Time Management System (TMS), time cards need to be approved each Tuesday by 2 pm. A payroll schedule can be downloaded for easy access to your pay schedule and time card due dates.

2020 W2 Payroll Schedule

To keep your time card submissions on schedule, go ahead and send in the unapproved time card by the deadline. Then, follow up with the signed version as soon as possible. MATRIX tracks unsigned time cards internally.

Since we process all time cards at the same time, all late time sheets will be processed two weeks later during the next payroll cycle. Please note, both your MATRIX Associate and the MATRIX Support team make every effort to follow up on missing time cards, but you are ultimately responsible for your time card.

A downloadable version of the MATRIX time card form is included below for your convenience.

Download the MATRIX Time Card (xls)

NOTE:  Only use this time card form if instructed by your Account Executive or Account Coordinator to do so.  You should use one of our on-line Time Card systems based on your assignment.  Your time card instructions were given to you during your Onboarding.  Please see those instructions for which system you should be using.


Downloadable version of the MATRIX expense reporting form is included below for your convenience.

Download the MATRIX Expense Report (xls)

You will be instructed during your Onboarding on how and when to submit your expenses. Please contact your MATRIX Account Executive or MATRIX Support ([email protected]) if you have questions.



Time Card Calendar Subscription

MATRIX has a free time card calendar (which we suggest you subscribe to as a MATRIX consultant) to help you track when your MATRIX time cards are due.

Add to Calendar

To add these calendar entries to your calendar, click the button below: "Add to Calendar" (you will be prompted for which calendar you want to add it to).

Please remember that it’s your responsibility for your time card to be submitted and approved.

Removing Calendar

If you no longer need to submit time cards and/or don’t need the reminders, simply delete the calendar from your main calendar.  This will remove your subscription to the MATRIX Time Card Submission Calendar.