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U.S. Employees' Intent to Stay in Current Job Higher Than Average

Gartner's latest quarterly Global Talent Monitor report revealed job satisfaction in the U.S. is higher than the global average.

U.S. Employees' Intent to Stay in Current Job Higher Than Global Average

Nearly 46% of U.S. employees have a high intent to stay in their current positions, well above the international average of 32.4%, according to Gartner, Inc.

An additional 14.5% of U.S. workers indicated a "somewhat high" level of intent to stay in their current jobs, meaning nearly six out of 10 workers in the U.S. workforce do not anticipate changing employers anytime soon. 

The business confidence index registered at the highest levels in five years, and compensation is (unsurprisingly) the leading factor linked to this high confidence. Survey respondents cited compensation as the top dissatisfying attribute at a previous job, with this category being the top attrition driver in 18 of the 40 geographic regions and countries surveyed. Compensation ranked as the top attraction driver in the U.S. and globally for potential candidates when evaluating a new job.

"As the economy continues to grow and companies produce higher profits, employees will expect more opportunities to be promoted, attain higher wages and achieve more rewards," said Brian Kropp, group vice president of the HR Practice at Gartner. "The key issue for companies and leaders today is how to ensure their employees feel the employee value proposition at their company is at par or better than those of competitors, which in theory would prevent employees from looking elsewhere."

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