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Top Way to Lose Developer Candidates: Unclear Roles

HackerRank surveyed over 70,000 developers to discover factors that impact their job search and turnoffs that employers can avoid. 

The #1 Way to Lose Developer Candidates: Unclear Roles

Perhaps the biggest takeaway for employers is that nearly 80% of developers are turned off from applying to a job when the role is unclear. This emphasizes the importance of a job description prior to interviews and making sure it clearly outlines the job and responsibilities. 

What turns off developers from employers:

  • Not enough clarity on role 
  • Lack of or slow follow-up 
  • Not aligned with culture or values 

Core competencies employers look for when hiring developers:

  • Problem solving (95%)
  • Programming language proficiency (57%)
  • Debugging (47%)

Top hiring challenges according to employers:

  • Hard to assess skills before onsite (61%)
  • Time-consuming interviews (47%)
  • Talent shortage (41%)

Top factors that impact a developer's job search:

  • Good work-life balance (56%)
  • Professional growth and learning (55%)
  • Compensation (45%)

Top factors developers look for in good work-life balance:

  • Flexible work hours (89%)
  • Remote working (80%)
  • Focus on outcomes (78%)

This survey goes to show that money is not the top factor for job seekers anymore, and there are other ways employers can attract top talent on a tight budget. Read our blog for more insights on this topic.

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