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Top Talent Motivators in 2019

The Dice 2019 Tech Salary Report placed a big focus on reasons employees leave their current employers, and how those companies can keep their top talent (and it's not just about compensation).

Top Talent Motivators (Other Than Salary)

Dice found that 45% of tech professionals anticipate changing employers in 2019, and their top three reasons are higher compensation (68%), better working conditions (47%) and more responsibility (34%).

Employers have to pay attention to what tech professionals are calling for and then provide it. The survey shows there is a major gap and reveals what kinds of benefits matter most, with professional development as the top plea:

Mind the Gap

In addition to 73% of respondents finding remote work and flex hours important, over half of everyone surveyed (52%) said they would take a pay cut if it meant being able to regularly work remote.

Over a third of tech pros (35%) feel burnt out at work. They credit this feeling to lack of recognition (36%), workload (35%), and not feeling challenged/monotony (28%).

All of these factors make it more important than ever for employers to make motivators a priority in 2019.

Talent Motivators

“Technology is an important driving force behind innovation and most every company will be a tech company at its core in the future. How we incentivize our tech talent will define our business success,” shared Art Zeile, CEO of DHI Group, Inc. “As it stands now, tech pros see a gap in the benefits and perks they want and need, compared to what they receive with their current employer. This dissonance must be shored up in order for top tech employers to remain competitive in a demanding market.

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