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Top Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction in IT

Spiceworks polled 1,300 tech professionals to determine the leading factors tied to job satisfaction.

Top Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction in IT

Number one on the list isn't compensation - it's how well they get along with their users, peers, and managers. Money and stress tied for second place, showing that workplace happiness is based on a combination of factors.

According to a survey from TINYpulse, the percentage of employees who feel strongly connected to their coworkers has gone from 27% last year to 24% this year. This decrease is likely a factor in workers quitting, so companies need to pay attention to this as employee turnover costs an average of 21% of an employee's salary to replace them (Glassdoor).

Top Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction in IT

IT pros who say they’re happy are more likely to stay in the IT field for the long run. For example, 81% of happy IT pros report planning to say in tech for the rest of their career compared to only 52% of unhappy IT workers. 

Happiness can also be influenced by company size. The Spiceworks survey reveals 66% of IT workers in companies with fewer than 100 employees report being happy to extremely happy compared to 62% of tech workers in medium-sized businesses (100-999 employees), and only 55% of IT pros in companies with more than 1,000 employees.

And ironically, the people who are happiest are at the smallest companies and paid the least - so money is clearly not the biggest thing. As one respondent explained, "Working with a great team compensates a little for poor pay. Money isn't everything as long as you have the support to not be under too much stress." Another said, "I have tossed out money as a happiness factor a long time ago. I have been happiest in environments that are not too big, where management will listen and take IT recommendations seriously, and environments where I've built up a rapport with general staff."

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