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Top Challenges Employers Face When Hiring

A new Glassdoor survey reveals some of the top challenges hiring managers are up against when trying to find talent. 

Top Challenges Employers Face When Hiring

The majority (76%) of hiring decision makers report a concern or challenge in attracting and hiring passive candidates as they now respond at a much lower rate to contact through networking sites (e.g. LinkedIn).

Top challenges hiring decision makers face when recruiting informed candidates:

  • Quality of candidates (76%)
  • Budget constraints (72%)
  • Trouble competing with compensation and benefits packages at other firms (65%)
  • Knowing where to advertise jobs to attract the right people (65%)

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of hiring decision makers feel candidates have access to enough information before they apply, however, three in five job seekers/employees say job realities do not match expectations.

Hiring decision-makers report the top influences of a candidate joining their organization:

  1. Salary and compensation (48%)
  2. Company culture (37%)
  3. Company reputation/Employer brand (36%)
  4. Interviews with managers (33%)
  5. Company mission and values (28%)
  6. Senior leadership (25%)
  7. Relationships with current employees (25%)
  8. Current employee reviews (22%)
  9. Former employee reviews (18%)

Over a third (35%) of decision makers will increase their investment in employer branding in the next 12 months, and 39% will increase their investment in employee engagement.

Three-quarters say it’s easier to attract top talent when they know of or about your organization. Among those surveyed, a majority (65%) of Glassdoor users are more likely to respond to a recruiter from a company that they recognize than from a company they don’t recognize.

“Recruiting strategies of the past are no longer enough to attract today’s candidates who are more informed than ever before thanks to transparency and more company information available online,” said Carmel Galvin, CHRO at Glassdoor. “Now that recruiting is more of a two-way street, the major challenge for employers is attracting quality job seekers. These informed candidates are well-researched, engaged, can reduce time to hire and result in more productive employees. Recruiters and hiring managers know that when a candidate recognizes who the company is, what the company is about and what it offers, that the recruiting process gets a whole lot easier.”

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