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Top 10 Highest-Paid IT Skills

In their 2017 Tech Salary Survey, Dice revealed the highest-paying skills for the most in-demand tech jobs.

Top 10 Highest-Paid IT Skills

Overall, the highest-paid skills in 2016 were:

  1. HANA | $128,958
  2. MapReduce | $125,009
  3. Cloud Foundry | $124,038
  4. Hbase | $123,934
  5. Omnigraffle | $123,782
  6. Cassandra | $123,459
  7. Apache Kafka | $122,728
  8. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) | $122,094
  9. Ansible | $121,382
  10. Jetty | $120,978

The programming languages with the biggest pay increases year-over-year are Drupal (9%), JCL (7%), XSLT (4%), and Objective-C (3%).

“Skills that were used a year ago may not be as prominent today; skills that are relevant today will evolve tomorrow. This creates a marketplace where both tech professionals and employers must keep their fingers on the pulse of skills training and demand,” said Bob Melk, President, Dice. “The skills areas which garnered salary increases indicate where professionals and employers should focus their training and recruiting efforts.”

Survey participants looking for a job in 2017 say their biggest concerns are finding a relevant position for their skillsets and keeping their skills up to date.

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