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Tech Pros Share Sentiments on Working During Lockdown

Dice surveyed technology professionals in the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown and again two weeks later to better understand their feelings toward topics like remote working and job security.

Perception of what matters most in a job has changed during coronavirus. For example, 72.5% of technologists reported in the second survey that they found remote work more important—a significant rise from the 66.7% who thought so during week 1. Company benefits, salary, job security, work-life balance, and their company’s COVID-19 response also saw significant increases in importance.

Tech Pros Share Sentiments on Working During Lockdown

Something else that increased over time was the likelihood of tech pros looking for a new job- some 31.1% fell into that category, versus 27.3% during the first reporting period. But the bulk of respondents still intend to hold in place.

It's not surprising that a majority of tech pros continue to like working from home. The already small number of those who most disliked working from home actually decreased from 3.6% to 2.1% (that’s a 40.6% drop) between the two reporting periods of the survey.  

Source: Dice

Between the two reporting periods, the percentages of technologists reporting an increased workload remained steady; in fact, the number of those reporting the most increase in their workload decreased by 9.3%. During the second reporting period, the majority of respondents (66.3%) either experienced no additional increase in workload or a somewhat moderate increase. 

Source: DIce

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