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Tech Jobs Rise in Atlanta

When Dice analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they found that tech jobs in Atlanta have grown 2.3% in 2017, up from 1.8% last year.

Tech Jobs Rise in Atlanta

There are more than 2,800 tech job postings on Dice on any given day ranging in a variety of industries. With so many companies competing for talent, Dice conducted further analysis to determine the supply and demand ratio when it comes to tech roles.

"We discovered jobs in key areas like big data, product testing and security received more applications from candidates compared to jobs in more traditional areas like engineering and non-open source technologies."

Some of the jobs with a higher number of applicants include:

  • Database Modeling (125 applicants)
  • jQuery UI (127 applicants)
  • Talend (38 applicants)
  • Web Quality Assurance (33 applicants)
  • OIDC or OpenID (29 applicants)

On the other hand, there were several keywords that had very few applications, signaling little competition for tech pros with any of these skillsets:

  • SAP SCM (1.8 applicants)
  • Microsoft Dynamics (2.8 applicants)
  • Sales Engineering (2.9 applicants)
  • GIS Analysis (3.0 applicants)
  • Reliability Engineering (3.1 applicants)

If you need help finding a job in tech or finding talent for your tech projects, let us know.

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