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Tech Jobs and Salaries Growing Faster than National Average

Monster aggregated the latest numbers in tech and revealed the jobs that are in highest demand.

Tech Jobs and Salaries Growing Faster than National Average

"According to estimates by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), tech jobs are projected to grow by 13% through 2026—faster than the average for all occupations—which comes out to about 557,100 new jobs expected to be created within the upcoming years. BLS predicts that many of these new jobs will be found in cloud computing, information security, and the collection and storage of big data."

BLS reports that the median wage for all tech jobs is approximately $84,580 a year — more than double the national average of $37,690. Using BLS data, Monster rounded up the most in-demand tech jobs on the market right now.

1. Information security analyst

Job growth: 28%

Average salary: $95,510 

2. Software developer

Job growth: 24%

Average salary: $103,560 

3. Computer and information research scientist

Job growth: 19%

Average salary: $144,520

4. Web developer

Job growth: 15%

Average salary:  $67,990 

5. Database administrator (tie)

Job growth: 11%

Average salary: $87,020

5. Computer support specialist (tie)

Job growth: 11%

Average salary: $52,810 


Using data provided by CEB, Monster identified the top cities with the most listings for tech jobs on Monster in 2018. Dallas and Atlanta made the top 5 and are the two cities that also boast a lower cost of living. 

1. Washington D.C. - 3,226 open tech jobs

2. New York City - 2,792 open tech jobs

3. Dallas, TX - 1,663 open tech jobs

4. San Jose, CA - 1,509 open tech jobs

5. Atlanta, GA - 1,319 open tech jobs

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