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Tech-Centric Markets in North America

Cushman & Wakefield recently identified the top 25 tech-centric cities in North America based on employment, occupations, venture capital investment and demographics.

Tech-Centric Markets in North America

Dallas-Fort Worth was one market to pull ahead this year with an estimated 194,790 tech workers, beating out both Seattle and Silicon Valley. 

"Thanks to the largest tech talent pool in the state at roughly 200,000 workers and a surging economy, D-FW continues to outpace other Texas markets in tech leasing activity," Cushman & Wakefield's Cribb Altman said. About 6% of total North Texas employment is in tech industries while 4.8% of workers nationwide are in tech jobs.

To determine the top 25 tech cities in North America, the report analyzed whether tech is critical (when tech jobs account for more than 8% of all jobs), a key driver (6-8% of all jobs), or important (just under 6% of all jobs). It was found that tech is critical in cities like Raleigh/Durham and San Francisco, tech is a key driver in Dallas, Atlanta, and Minneapolis, and it's important in Chicago and Charlotte.

Tech-Centric Markets in North America

According to the Conference Board, the number-one concern of CEOs in the U.S. is the recruitment and retention of talent, and the competition is extra stiff in these markets. Contact us today if you need some extra help with tech projects.

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