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Talent Shortage is the Top Emerging Risk Facing Organizations

Talent shortages around the world have recently escalated to become the top emerging risk organizations face, according to Gartner’s latest Emerging Risks Survey.

The survey of executives in Q4 2018 showed that concerns about “talent shortages” now outweigh those around “accelerating privacy regulation” and “cloud computing”, which were the top two risks in the previous quarter. Nearly two-thirds of respondents (63%) indicated that a talent shortage was the top concern for their organization.

Here's a full breakdown from Gartner of emerging risks in 2018:

Talent Shortage is the Top Emerging Risk Facing Organizations

“We are seeing this across the country with so many of our clients,” said MATRIX Vice President of On-Demand Services, Ruben Santana. “It’s a real concern for many organizations, and it’s why employers have to change up the way they’re finding talent. MATRIX On-Demand Services manages this challenge by assembling teams that are totally focused on our clients’ requirements. It’s the dedicated focused delivery that has prompted many organizations to partner with us to make their internal TA teams more productive.”

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