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Survey: Evaluating IT Workforce Needs

By 2024, 1.8 million tech jobs will need to be filled due to growth and replacements, according to a CompTIA analysis of EMSI and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational data.

Survey: Evaluating IT Workforce Needs

It's more important now than ever to keep the tech pros on your team happy. According to CompTIA's recent "Evaluating IT Workforce Needs" survey, a net 79% of IT pros are satisfied with their jobs, up from 73% in 2015.

Over half of IT pros in the study claim to have a good idea of their desired career path over the next five years (55%), meaning 45% are at least somewhat unsure. Moreover, they crave more professional development support (53%) and career advancement opportunities as well as career path guidance (48%).

When asked why they chose IT, those surveyed said:

  • Good fit for my skills/aptitude with tech (64%)
  • Alignment with my passion/interest in tech (52%)
  • Job opportunities/stable employment (40%)
  • High pay/earnings potential (38%)
  • Use tech to solve real-world problems (33%)

Half of IT pros view their present positions as exactly (14%) or very close (36%) to where they were expecting to be given their skills and experience. This response is significantly higher from workers in the IT industry vs. their IT pro counterparts in other industries.

Nearly three-quarters of tech pros agree that their job provides them with a sense of personal accomplishment and 71% concur their job makes good use of their talent and skills.

Top 5 IT Pro Job Wish List Items

  • More resources for training/professional development (53%)
  • More career advancement opps/career path guidance (48%)
  • Access to more tools/tech/apps (44%)
  • Time to work on new tech vs. routine maintenance tasks (39%)
  • Budget for new tech initiatives (32%)

A substantial portion of IT pros disagree that their employer adequately supports their professional development efforts (40% at least partly disagree) or that they have the resources and tools necessary to do their job well (also 40%).

Top 3 Job Concerns Among IT Professionals

  • Lack of resources to do my job effectively
  • Skills become obsolete
  • Lack of work-life balance

Over half of IT pros report being involved in a professional society, trade or alumni association, business or tech group/community, and 61% believe that involvement in such a group would benefit their IT career.

“The tech industry’s challenge is America’s challenge: developing a robust workforce that can effectively fill the IT jobs of the 21st century, whether those jobs are in cybersecurity, IoT, AI or some new technology that’s still to come,” said Nancy Hammervik, executive vice president, industry relations at CompTIA. “In the United States alone, we expect 1.8 million tech workers to join the labor force through 2024,” Hammervik said. “We need to attract and recruit a diverse workforce of individuals, with and without college degrees, and support them in their career growth.”

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