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The State of Agile in 2018

VersionOne released their annual State of Agile report revealing that more and more organizations are realizing the benefits they set out to achieve by adopting agile.


As for the demographics of this report, 97% of respondents work for organizations that practice agile development. The top five reported benefits of agile adoption are:

  1. Improved ability to manage changing priorities
  2. Better project visibility
  3. Better business/IT alignment
  4. Faster delivery speed/time to market
  5. Increased team productivity

Only 12% percent responded that their organizations have a high level of competency with agile practices across the organization, while 59% recognize that they are still maturing, indicating that they do not intend to plateau where they are.

Here are three of the big takeaways from the survey:

  1. Agile is expanding within the enterprise – Agile adoption is growing within organizations, both more broadly and deeply. A higher percentage of respondents this year report that “all or almost all” of their teams are agile, and that agile principles and practices are being adopted at higher levels in the organization.
  2. There is room for improvement in agile maturity – Only a small percentage of respondents indicated that their organizations have a high level of competency with agile practices across the organization. The majority acknowledge that their organizations are still maturing.
  3. Organizations are scaling agile – The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is reported as the most widely-used approach to scaling agile. Internal agile coaches, consistent practices and processes across teams, and the implementation of a common tool across teams are the top three factors reported to have been most helpful in scaling agile.

Another big trend in this year's report is the rise of DevOps. 48% of respondents report they currently have a DevOps initiative underway and 23% are planning a DevOps initiative in the next 12 months. 65% say that DevOps transformation is important or very important in their organization. 

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