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Software Jobs Outpace Production Openings

It's no secret that tech jobs have been on the rise in our fast-growing technological world. But a new level was reached in 2016 when the number of job postings for Software Developers/Engineers outpaced the number of openings for production workers.

Software Jobs Outpace Production Openings

Burning Glass Technologies released the top 10 positions with the highest number of job openings, showing that the products we make and the methods we use to make them are increasingly driven by computer programming.

Software Developer job postings are only second to Sales Representatives, but they remain the occupation with the longest time-to-fill length in the top 10 at 48 days. 

Software Jobs Outpace Production Openings

The report also found that Software Developer job openings saw a 206% increase in the last four years compared to Mechanical Engineer postings, which saw a 43% increase.

"This disparity may partly be a function of geography. Burning Glass analysis shows that, while software development postings are significantly concentrated on the West Coast and in the Northeast, production jobs remain concentrated in the Midwest and South. As such, the majority of software workers are located in regions far from most manufacturing hotspots. This forces manufacturers to recruit software talent from outside their traditional recruitment bases."

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