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Software Developer Demand Increases 59% YoY

According to CompTIA, the number of job postings seeking software developers in January 2019 rose 59% year-over-year to 79,900. No surprise that software developers remain the most sought after professionals in the US.

Software Developer Demand Increases 59% YoY

Overall, the number of job postings for the IT sector in the US continues to rise, up 3% to 4,627,800 year-over-year in January 2019.

Top 5 IT occupations by job postings in US

Jobs Postings in 2019 Postings in 2018
Software developers 79,000 50,100
Computer user support specialists 19,400 14,300
Computer systems engineer / architects 18,900 12,700
Computer systems analysts 16,300 10,800
IT project managers 15,600 10,600

In the US, Indeed found Java to be the most in-demand programming language for developers, followed by JavaScript and Python.

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