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Report: Biggest Frustrations for Job Seekers

A new survey from Glassdoor reveals the biggest frustrations and desires of job seekers during the recruitment process.

Report: Biggest Frustrations for Job Seekers

Half of U.S. workers say that lack of information about a job’s total compensation package, including pay and benefits, is among their biggest frustrations during the interview process. The same number of respondents said potential employers canceling or postponing interviews is equally frustrating (50%). Ranking third, 47% of respondents said that potential employers not responding in a timely manner is among their biggest grievances.

The survey also revealed the top five things that would make people pull out of a recruitment process: the employer announcing layoffs (44%), a poor first interaction with a recruiter or hiring manager (40%), reading negative reviews from employees (35%), hearing about employee or leadership scandals (33%), and reading negative news coverage about the company (32 percent).

The top five things candidates say would make a positive job application experience are: clear and consistent communication from the employer (58%), clear expectations set by the employer (53%), feedback - good or bad - from the company (51%), an explanation of how many interviews candidates might need to go through and who those interviews might be with (45%), and a simple and efficient online job application process (43%).

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