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IT Skills Report: What's in Demand

Recent reports from Indeed reveal the main tech skills employers are hiring for, as well as the fastest-growing tech skills year-over-year. Along with what's trending now, Computerworld released which legacy programming skills are still in demand.

IT Skills Report: What's in Demand

Indeed analyzed the job descriptions for tech positions on their jobs site to determine the top 10 tech skills employers are hiring for. (Percentages represent how many times the skill appeared.)

  1. Java (30%)
  2. Agile (27%)
  3. JavaScript (26%)
  4. .NET (19%)
  5. Python (15%)
  6. Microsoft SQL Server (12%)
  7. Oracle (12%)
  8. C or C++ (12%)
  9. Git (11%)
  10. AWS (11%)

In a separate report, Indeed examined two years of tech job search and resume search traffic to see what grew the most year-over-year. Here are the results broken out by job seekers and employers:

IT Skills Report: What's in Demand

React and cloud computing skills came out on top, as no surprise. While these skill sets have seen explosive growth, legacy programming skills haven't died out completely. Here are the top legacy skills that Computerworld found to still be in demand in their tech forecast:

  1. DB2
  2. C
  3. Cobol
  4. Assembly language
  5. Perl
  6. Delphi and Object Pascal
  7. Fortran
  8. REXX
  9. Pascal

If you're searching for jobs with these skills, or searching for talent that possesses them, let us know today.

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