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Gen Z Wants to Work in Tech

Glassdoor analyzed job applications from the youngest demographic in the workforce to look at the employers, metros, and occupations that Gen Z and millennial job seekers are applying to in the U.S.

Gen Z Wants to Work in Tech

Key Findings:

  • Software engineer is the most in-demand job that Gen Z job seekers are applying to with applications accounting for 19% of total applications left by Gen Z users during a three and a half month period — that’s nearly every one of five applications. 
  • Gen Z aspires to work in tech — the majority of job applications from Gen Z were for companies in the tech industry, followed by business services, finance, and retail.
  • Across Glassdoor reviews left by Gen Z, “work environment”, “flexible hours” and “good pay” are the most common keywords used by Gen Z to describe the pros of working for their employers.

Top 10 In-Demand Jobs Among Gen Z Job Seekers

Top Jobs Gen Z is Applying To     Percent of Gen Z Applications Open Jobs Today Median Salary for Open Jobs
Software Engineer 19% 60,442 $98,500
Software Developer 2% 15,170 $86,000
Sales Associate 2% 162,697 $40,700
Mechanical Engineer 2% 7,133 $81,000
Data Analyst 1% 7,116 $65,500
Business Analyst 1% 17,956 $73,000
Engineer 1% 4,819 $84,500
Receptionist 1% 17,613 $33,700
Investment Banking Analyst 1% 547 $80,800
Financial Analyst 1% 10,699 $70,000

Source: Glassdoor Economic Research (

“Gen Z is 100% digitally native, meaning they are the first job seekers to be born during the age of smartphones, self-service online tools and AI-enabled virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa,” says Kurt Heikkinen, CEO of candidate engagement and interview software, Montage. “They’ve never known a world without the convenience and speed of digital interaction. As a result, they expect the exact same experience when it comes to the job search.”

It's important now more than ever to provide candidates a seamless, digital job application experience. Young job seekers are also more likely to conduct thorough online research of a company before applying, so make sure your branding and online reviews represent you well.

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