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The Future of Tech in the Workplace

In Part 2 of their 2019 State of IT report, Spiceworks deconstructed the current usage and future adoption plans for emerging tech trends like AI, blockchain, advanced security solutions, and more.

The Future of Tech in the Workplace

Highlights from the report:

  • Emerging tech (e.g., AI, edge computing) adoption rates among large enterprises are up to 10 times higher than in small businesses.

  • A quarter of large enterprises use blockchain technology, a figure expected to jump to more than 50% by 2020.

  • The financial services industry boasts the highest current adoption of IT automation (43%), serverless computing (23%), AI technology (21%), and blockchain tech (21%). An additional 22% of financial services organizations plan to adopt blockchain-enabled tech by 2020.

  • End-user security awareness and testing tools are considered the most effective solution for preventing security incidents.

  • By 2020, 61% of organizations plan to use gigabit Wi-Fi networking technology, 57% expect to use some form of IT automation, 48% plan to adopt IoT devices, 39% expect to use converged or hyperconverged infrastructure, and 38% plan to utilize application-isolating container technology.

  • Updating IT infrastructure is leadership's top priority while AI, VR, and 3D investments have largely been put on hold. This goes along with the fact that upgrading outdated IT infrastructure is the number one driver of IT budget increases for 2019.

  • Among emerging tech trends, more than 40% of IT decision makers foresee IT automation technology having the biggest impact on their business, while about 30% believe IoT technology and gigabit Wi-Fi networking will make the biggest mark.

  • Adoption currently stands at 15% for both edge computing and serverless computing, but fewer organizations have adopted blockchain-enabled technology (9%). However, adoption rates vary dramatically by company size. For example, 25% of large enterprises with 5,000+ employees are already using blockchain-enabled tech and an additional 31% plan to by 2020. Additionally, 32% of large enterprises with 5,000+ employees are using edge computing, and an additional 33% plan to adopt it by 2020.

  • The majority of IT professionals (59%) believe employee security training tools (e.g., end user security awareness and testing) is the most effective solution to prevent security incidents, followed by breach detection systems (37%) and anti-ransomware solutions (37%).

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