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Employers to Pay 20% More for Scarce Talent in 2018

Forrester's Predictions for 2018 report reveals where companies were lacking in 2017 and what challenges they will face next year. 

Employers to Pay 20% More for Scarce Talent in 2018

Employers that lag behind in attracting critical digital talent will pay up to 20% above market salary rates for new hires with in-demand skills — a group that includes data scientists, high-end software developers and information security analysts — in 2018. Executives at digital leaders have 90% of the talent they need, while those at self-described digital laggards have only 19% of the talent they need.

One big trend in 2017 was an emphasis on Customer Experience (CX). However, CX quality plateaued or decreased this year and 30% of companies will see further declines in CX performance in 2018, resulting in a net loss of a point of growth.

When it comes to Digital Transformation, 20% of CEOs will fail to act and put their firms at risk. Over 60% of executives believe they are currently behind in their digital transformation.

Automation will alter the labor market by eliminating 9% of U.S. jobs and creating 2% more. That shift will disproportionately impact specific sectors like sales and call center employees and administrative workers. Employers will also spend 3% more on 'micro apps' for employees.

As for Artificial Intelligence, 75% of early AI projects are predicted to underwhelm due to operational oversights. In 2017, AI projects didn't focus enough on CX, so that has to part of the strategy moving forward.

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