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Best IT Jobs in America Are Also Toughest to Fill released the 10 toughest jobs to fill in 2017 after analyzing Bureau of Labor Statistics data on growth outlook, hiring trends, employment data, and more. Three of the 10 jobs are in IT, and also happen to be on Glassdoor's 50 Best Jobs in America list.

Best IT Jobs in America Are Also Toughest to Fill

First on both lists is Data Scientist with a growth outlook of 16% and median salary of $128,240. While demand is high, the field is still relatively new, making the search for qualified candidates challenging. Data Scientists have the highest ratings on Glassdoor with a 4.8 job score and 4.4 job satisfaction (out of 5).

The next toughest IT job to fill is Information Security Analyst with a growth outlook of 18% and median salary of $90,120. The number of cyberattacks and data breaches has increased over the last few years, making security analysts more in demand than ever. Information Security Engineer comes in at #39 on Glassdoor's top 50 list, and Security Analyst is close behind at #41. Both roles have a 4.1 job score and 3.7 job satisfaction.

The third and final IT job on the top 10 tough-to-fill list is Software Engineer with a growth outlook of 17% and median salary of $100,690. Software Engineers are ranked #16 on Glassdoor's Best Jobs in America with a 4.3 job score and 3.5 job satisfaction rate.

"A unifying theme between the hiring demands facing employers in IT – as in the case of Data Scientists and Software Engineers – and in healthcare, like a Registered Nurse, is that unemployment is low in these sectors."

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