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2019 State of the Candidate Survey

Monster surveyed employees across the U.S. to better understand the challenges and opportunities in the search for employment in their 2019 State of the Candidate Survey.

2019 State of the Candidate Survey

Respect & Threats to Current Job

One in seven Americans (14%) did not feel respected during their last job search. Those 14% said the following would have helped them feel more respected by recruiters and potential employers:

  • Being told why they weren’t moved to the next stage (32%)
  • Recruiters following up in a timely fashion after the interview (31%)
  • Company acknowledging receipt of application (28%)
  • Knowing if the application had been seen by a recruiter or hiring manager (27%)
  • Receiving a rejection notice in a timely fashion (23%)
  • Being told they'd be considered for future opportunities (23%)

Respect is a key driver for job satisfaction: people who are happy with their job cite feeling respected (45%) as among the top reasons for their satisfaction.

Three-quarters of Americans (77%) believe there are threats to their current job, such as new management (20%) and a toxic boss or working environment (19%). 

The Job Search Outlook

  • One in three (33%) Americans plan on looking for a new job this year and that number rises to 48% among 18-34-year-olds
  • While 54% believe the process would be easy if they had to look for a new job tomorrow, the other half of Americans (46%) believe it would be hard

Three-quarters of Americans anticipate video will play a role in the future of job search:

  • Video call with recruiters/potential employers in the interview: 36%
  • Video resume: 33%
  • Video job description: 27%
  • Video application submission: 25%

Younger Americans (83% of 18-34-year-olds) are more likely to see a role for video in the job search process than older Americans (64% of 35-65-year-olds). However, 80% of Americans agree a video of a recruiter talking about a role as part of a job ad would help them better understand a job opportunity.

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