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2017 Open Source Jobs Report

The 2017 Open Source Jobs Report from Dice and The Linux Foundation reveals the hottest open source skills, biggest motivators for employees, and the growing importance of training and certification.

2017 Open Source Jobs Report

“As open source becomes increasingly relevant and more companies globally leverage the technology in their stacks, demand for professionals with open source experience will only intensify,” said Michael Durney, President and CEO of DHI Group, Inc. “Successful employers recognize open source professionals will look at things beyond just the compensation and will, for instance, express the opportunity to work on challenging projects during the recruiting process. Those firms who foster a spirit of teamwork and promote paths for professionals to advance their careers within the organization will attract highly skilled, passionate tech talent and, in turn, propel innovation forward for the future.”

Key findings from the report:

  • 89% of hiring managers report difficulty in finding qualified talent for open source roles, and 58% report needing to hire more open source professionals in the next six months than in the six months prior
  • 67% of managers say hiring of open source professionals will increase more than other areas of the business in the next six months
  • 60% of managers are looking for full-time hires, compared with 53% last year
  • Nearly half (47%) of companies are willing to pay for employees to become open source certified
  • Developer (73%), DevOps engineer (60%) and systems administrator (53%) are the most common positions employers seek to fill
  • Only 14% of open source pros said money and perks were the reason they chose an open source career, and only 3% cited those as the best things about their jobs. The main reasons they chose this career are the freedom of open source (71%), their personal passion about open source (68%), and that open source runs modern technology (65%)
  • Pros say the best thing about their job is the ability to work on interesting projects (30%), collaborate with a global community (19%) and work on cutting-edge technology challenges (17%)
  • Higher salary remains the biggest motivator to change jobs (82%) followed by better work/life balance (67%), and better training and certification opportunities (65%).

Cloud technology such as OpenStack and Cloud Foundry ranked as the most sought-after area of expertise among 70 percent of employers, up from 66 percent in 2016. Web technologies placed second, with 67 percent of hiring managers citing need for that knowledge, compared with 62 percent last year. 

2017 Open Source Jobs Report

“Open source is a dominant force in software development, and opportunities abound for those looking for careers with strong prospects for growth,” said Jim Zemlin, Executive Director at The Linux Foundation. “This year’s Open Source Jobs Report reinforces what we have seen the past several years; open source is professionalizing, and employers are seeking staff with demonstrable skills.”

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