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20 Most Significant IT Roles in 2018

IDC conducted a global survey of IT hiring managers and nearly two million IT job postings to determine the top 20 most significant IT roles with growth potential.

20 Most Significant IT Roles in 2018

The survey found that Digital Transformation is the biggest factor driving tech careers today. Here are the top 10 tech trends impacting hiring decisions:

  1. Cybersecurity/Data Security
  2. Cloud Solutions/Technologies
  3. Data Analysis/Visualization
  4. Big Data
  5. Internet of Things (IoT)
  6. Business Intelligence
  7. Artificial Intelligence
  8. Machine Learning
  9. Virtualization/Software Defined Infrastructure
  10. Converged Infrastructure 

The following positions have been named the most significant IT roles and are predicted to add more than five million positions (36% increase) worldwide by 2027 - and more than a million of those will be in the U.S. alone.

20 Most Significant IT Roles

  1. Network/Systems Administrator
  2. Network Engineer/Architect
  3. Security Management Specialist
  4. Systems Analyst
  5. Cyber/Information Security Engineer/Analyst
  6. Data Engineer
  7. Database Architect
  8. Data Scientist
  9. Transformation Consultant
  10. Computer Support Specialist
  11. IoT Designer/Developer/Engineer
  12. Business Intelligence Architect/Developer
  13. Business Intelligence Analyst
  14. Software Developer/Engineer
  15. Change Management
  16. Machine Learning Designer/Developer/Engineer
  17. Mobile Applications Developer
  18. Social Media Tech Manager/Administrator
  19. UI/UX Designer/Developer
  20. Web Developer
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