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15 Hardest-to-Fill IT Jobs in U.S. Tech Hubs

Dice used Burning Glass data to assess the top 15 hardest-to-fill IT jobs in the U.S. based on time to fill a position, number of job postings, salary, and location quotient.

With the tech unemployment rate at its lowest point in history, employers are scrambling to find tech talent. However, it's not machine learning, AI, and other cutting-edge skill sets that are hardest to fill. When analyzing major tech hubs, the hardest-to-fill job was software developer/engineer, followed by IT project manager, with computer support specialist coming in third.

While technology is evolving, companies will always need technologists who can maintain legacy infrastructure and apps for consumers, and demand is still exceeding supply for these roles. 

15 Hardest-to-Fill IT Jobs in U.S. Tech Hubs

“Even after adjusting for [urban] costs, tech salaries are still 5 [percent] higher in the largest metros than in the smallest ones,” Indeed reported. “And tech salaries in metros between 250,000 and 500,000 people are higher yet—and nearly the same across mid-size, large, and very large metros.”

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