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10 Highest-Paying IT Job Skills

Foote Partners' IT Skills and Certification Pay Index tracks the pay premiums for both certified and non-certified skills. In their report from the first quarter of 2018, it was found that having just one of these non-certified tech skills increased an IT worker's pay by an average of 9.3%. By comparison, the IT certified skills Foote tracks boosted salaries by an average of 7.6%.

10 Highest-Paying IT Job Skills

Here are the top 10 highest-paying noncertified IT skills that Foote has ranked:

  1. Data Architecture

  2. Security Architecture and Models

  3. Complex Event Processing/Event Correlation

  4. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

  5. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

  6. Machine Learning

  7. Prescriptive Analytics

  8. Apache Zookeeper

  9. Risk Analytics/Assessment

  10. COBIT

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