Your demand for talent is spiking. Now what?

In a market where job openings vastly exceed supply of available talent, hiring managers are scrambling to fill open positions. Maybe you are undertaking a digital transformation. Migrating to the cloud. Opening a new tech center. Whatever it is, you need top talent to complete the work.

Hiring 5, 10, 60, or 200 new employees in a short period of time is no easy task for an internal HR or TA group.

Having to coordinate with multiple staffing agencies or multiple contacts submitting multiple candidates is error-prone, time wasting, and inefficient.

Rapid Scale Hiring from MATRIX is a one-stop shop to provide the boost you need to get your over your hiring hump. Give us a call to learn how our dedicated Rapid Scale team placed 200 tech pros in 4 months for one client’s digital transformation.

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“When it comes to business planning, ambiguity is the new normal. Modern supply chains (including talent) need to be ready for changing demand and unforeseen challenges. Will your business expand or contract? What kind of workforce do you need to meet demand? The ability to scale up or down quickly is essential. And you can't do that without fine-tuned, flexible, and fast-moving talent acquisition processes.”


Rapid Scale Hiring

Choose the Rapid Scale Hiring model that works best for you.

  • Embed experienced MATRIX recruiters into company’s TA group

  • Keep them separate, tapping MATRIX recruiters who work remotely

  • Hybrid of both methods

  • Domestic, nearshore, offshore recruiting resources on demand

  • Include lead/manager, reporting specialist, etc.

  • MATRIX-hosted virtual career fairs to build your pipeline fast

Benefits to client:

  • SOW approach saves you time and money compared to traditional individual staffing contracts.

  • Minimize overhead: No need to hire then fire internal recruiters as demand ebbs and flows.

  • Everything flows easily through one single point of contact.

  • Faster ramp-up, better workflow, and improved communications due to our time-tested processes.

  • Granting MATRIX the “right to hire” offloads more work from your plate.

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“When my client needed to quickly hire 200 IT employees to work on digital transformation initiatives, they wanted to partner with just one firm. An exclusive engagement was agreed upon and MATRIX embedded eight recruiters onsite, helping the client meet their sourcing, qualifying, and hiring requirements, while saving them time and money.”


Top 4 Motivators for Rapid Scale Hiring