Global Delivery

Do more with less! Does this mandate sound familiar? You have to keep up your competitive advantage, but doing so requires developing new and innovative solutions --- which take time and talent (always in short supply). Now consider an alternative --- global delivery from MATRIX. By going global, you free up your talented internal resources to focus on high-value projects, not routine support/maintenance. And unlike other global services providers, you’ll get our top talent every time - and at price points that make great business sense.

We have specific measures in place to ensure a seamless client experience meeting our stringent quality standards – and we’ve got the track record to back it up. There are some projects that may not be good candidates for offshore, but we can take a closer look at your project to see if it’s a fit and offer advice based on our other successful offshore projects.


  • Right-sized for your needs. Flexibility to start small and grow over time. Unlike large global delivery providers, we are happy to provide one resource, or many as you scale.
  • No stone unturned on security. All offshore employees undergo rigorous checks along with additional measures such as 24/7 guards, access cards, electronic surveillance, no-printer policy, no hard drives or USB ports in computers, and no access to external emails, etc.
  • Flexible delivery model. Some clients feel more comfortable with a combined onshore/offshore development approach, and we structure a blended team without any sacrifice in quality.
  • We don’t leave you and your project stranded. With a very low turnover rate and a shadow resources program (where additional resources are trained at no cost to you), we ensure continuity regardless of “personal” circumstances.

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