In a digital world, innovation is the new constant

Digital transformation has taken on a new urgency in 2020. Organizations must quickly adapt their go-to-market business strategies, as well as create and launch digital technology services and applications to keep up with the demands from their consumers. However, while 87% of senior business leaders say digitalization is a company priority, only 40% of organizations have brought digital initiatives to scale.

To accomplish this, it takes agility and the right people at work. We are in a new world that requires constant innovation, speedy iterations, and reactionary solutions to challenges that just keep coming. The MATRIX Agile Practice has over a decade of experience providing guidance to organizations when it comes to being agile and adapting to change. And as you require high-performing talent to keep up with your company’s digital transformation, MATRIX has the expertise and resources to find that talent.

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“Digital transformation is about enriching the customer experience. Whether they are shopping, collaborating, educating, or searching for a job online, customers expect seamless interaction and continuous innovation. At MATRIX, we understand this mandate. And we have elevated our own people, processes and technologies to meet this new normal."

Gary wood, chief executive officer, matrix

MATRIX Digital Transformation

We do more than fill jobs, we offer wisdom.

As tech teams take on larger and more varied roles within digital transformation initiatives, it creates a critical need for a new flavor of tech and business specialists. Many of these roles are cross-functional, strategic and cutting-edge. Make no mistake — these are not run-of-the mill positions, and your internal recruiters may struggle to identify these highly sought-after candidates.

We have been in IT staffing for over 37 years and have always evolved with our customers, bringing them the best talent for their needs. Now is no different. We are veterans at recruiting talent to fuel our clients’ digital transformation efforts. We do more than fill the jobs; our experienced account executives take a consultative approach, listening to their needs and giving guidance on the talent requirements to round out their teams.

Examples of key roles we place:

Digital Transformation Partner | Digital Product Manager | Digital Transformation Advisor | Cybersecurity Engineer | Scrum Master | Agile Coach | DevOps Coach | Automation Coach | Digital Customer Success Specialist | Customer Success Manager | Data Analytics | Data Research | Data Science | Internet of Things | DevOps and CI/CD and Continuous Integration | Application Transformation | Continuous Testing | Mobile Apps Programmer | Software Engineer | Mobile Marketing Manager | SEO Strategist | UI/UX Designer | Information Architect | Graphic Designer | Analytics Manager | QA Automation

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“MATRIX has been critical to the growth of my team. Most especially, MATRIX came through with finding and recruiting strong candidates for niche roles where a hard to find combination of experience, skillsets and interest was required. They listened to my requests, and then were quick to take action.” Technology Program ManageR, software company

Digital transformation is accelerating at the speed of light.