“Our Dev teams have turned over yet another app. Our Ops teams just can’t keep up.”

Sound familiar? Business and tech leaders like yourself face increasingly faster application delivery cycles which are wreaking havoc with development processes.

Our team of Architects and Leaders have worked with scrum, CoE, and leadership teams to build modern, secure, and effective Cloud platforms, and more recently on the convergence of Cyber, Cloud, and DevOps, particularly in digital transformation.

Our approach helps you adopt DevOps to go faster and innovate, while integrating security end-to-end. Ultimately, we help you turn security from a single siloed team into a mindset that is embedded across your business.

Watch a recording of our DevSecops vs SecDevOps webinar for trends and common misconceptions around integrating Cybersecurity and DevOps.

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MATRIX DevSecOps Consulting
MATRIX DevSecOps Consulting

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We deliver strategy, architecture, and engineering support around AWS, Azure, GCP covering brownfield, greenfield, app modernization initiatives; we offer a Cloud Native Maturity Model, Cost Optimization, Well-Architected Reviews, Cloud Readiness Assessment, Kubernetes and Microservices Enablement, and Multi-Cloud / Hybrid-Cloud Strategy services.


We make modern security principles and practices integral to DevOps— scaling, automating, and decentralizing security— while keeping DevOps efficiency and productivity. 


Our team leads initiatives to transform, modernize, and scale cybersecurity with Cloud Security Posture Management, Cloud Security Auto-Remediation, Cloud Native Security Best Practices,  Risk-Centric Threat Modeling, Cyber Platform Engineering, Security Analytics, and more.

Management Consulting

We offer technical leadership consulting to unite teams around the right organizational structures, tools, platforms, and to foster unity and facilitate change all while aligning with the business.

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“I can’t thank MCG enough for not only launching us forward on our journey of agility, but also for ensuring we have the right tools to sustain a culture of inspection and adaption.”

Agile COE Manager, International Airline

Trends Influencing DevOps and DevSecOps Adoption