The largest IP networking company in the world was faced with high turnover in supporting its largest wireless network carrier client. Specifically, the project workload and demands of the job produced enormous resource turnover among the Advanced Services Project Management team driving first office application (FOA), first field application (FFA), and subscription services.


As a result, there was a lack of much-needed stability on the Program/Project Management team, during a time of constant technological change in the service provider’s Core and Radio Access Network architectures. This was during the 2012 transition as networks were evolving between 3G/4G/LTE transitions, a fairly dramatic change. Additionally, the industry was morphing from macro networks into Small Cell and DAS technology. Heavy turnover of project managers and heavy change in technology created a perfect storm.


The Advanced Services Project Management resources driving these FOA/FFA initiatives needed to balance strong project management skills with the technical knowledge and credibility to effectively drive the efforts of technical stakeholders, both internal and external.

Furthermore, the Project Management resources needed the requisite experience and stability to handle heavy project loads and a high-stress work environment with condensed client project schedules.

Working in collaboration with the Advanced Services team, MATRIX took the time to fully understand the importance of building a team who combined exceptional project management skills, a passion for technology and project management, exceptional work ethics, and the technical credibility to work effectively with highly technical and demanding stakeholders. Additionally, the Project Managers would need exceptional reporting skills and the ability to work effectively in a growing Agile environment.

“MATRIX turned that around for us. MATRIX PMs have become our seasoned experts – all because MATRIX was then, and still is, in tune with our business, our client’s business, and the essentials for our critical resources.”
Senior Manager, Advanced Services, IP Networking Company

MATRIX Consultants comprise 90% of PM team

Four-plus years later, MATRIX PMs have provided much needed stability, continuity and excellence throughout the Advanced Services delivery organization and are driving Evolved Packet Core, PCRF, Small Cell, Wi-Fi, SDN, and IOT initiatives across the service provider’s core, RAN and customer premise domains. Since MATRIX stepped in, turnover has been non-existent.

Today the industry is moving from a hardware based to a software based network with many of the network elements virtualized. Once again, MATRIX PMs have stepped up to embrace the technology change. The ability to build a team with the unique technical skillsets to understand and effectively drive projects as the service provider networks evolves to Software Defined Networks has been key to MATRIX’s sustainability and program excellence.