A West Texas Oil and Gas company performs unconventional (fracking) exploration and drilling services throughout the Permian and Delaware Basins in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. Several years ago, they were purchased by one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.

The IT department has 400 employees, 135 of which are contractors. Every role is considered a customer facing/consultative role, providing a high level of customer interaction to its internal business division customers.

MATRIX has worked with the company since 2008. In fact, the first MATRIX perm placement, a DBA, is still working there today. The MATRIX team serving the account has not changed during this time either.


The company has a large initiative to grow operations and move applications to the cloud by 2025. This requires an influx of new skills and a partner to help them find and hire highly skilled talent.


MATRIX was brought in to help and today there are 63 MATRIX contractors on site, the largest of any staffing vendor. The roles they perform are very diverse, ranging from systems engineers to application analysts for oil and gas aps, SQL DBAs, Oracle DBAs, Security provisioning analysts, SQL and NET developers, and help desk support.

The company migrated to a VMS model in 2018, and MATRIX continued to be the top performer among staffing agencies.


MATRIX has continued to be the top staffing supplier for this client, despite the ups and downs of the energy market and the economy. Achievements include :

  • TOP STAFFING PARTNER with 63 consultants on site

  • BEST INTERVIEW-TO-HIRE ratio at 48%

  • HIGHEST JOB ORDER CLOSE ratio (54%) of all staffing partners

  • HIGHEST CLIENT SATISFACTION SCORE of any vendor at 2.8 out of 3