What started as a simple SOW for a laptop procurement program five years ago, has expanded into a multifaceted, multi-location help desk assignment for MATRIX.

“We started out small,” said the MATRIX Delivery Manager. “In 2011, we were hired to manage the laptop three-year lease program, accountable for all the inventory, handing the laptops out, doing the build, putting in OS, and doing break-fix work.”

Fast forward to today: MATRIX help desk provides support in four distinct areas for more than 8,000 worldwide employees of the enterprise software giant, many of whom are working remotely.

Today, our help desk team at this client includes 11 technicians working in four locations (Atlanta, Raleigh, Washington D.C. and Boston), including a Business Analyst to handle special short-term projects. Just last year, the team grew by four people to handle all the increased workload including first level support for the corporate leadership team. And in a world characterized by change, stability has been a hallmark of this team with the original technicians still in place after five years, as well as several others with more than two years’ service.

Responsibilities include:

Volume Grows and Team Takes on New Responsibilities

Last year alone, the team handled more than 13,000 tickets within the ServiceNow cloud-based platform, and managed procurement for more than 10,000 Lenovo (and other vendor) laptops.

One of the more unusual tasks the team has taken over is new hire orientation - offloading the very busy HR and training departments. Every new hire in North America and Canada, contractor or permanent employee, gets the same in-person new hire orientation as to what is IT’s role, how the team can help, and how new employees can find information.

“Last week we onboarded 93 interns in one afternoon in Boston,” said the delivery manager, adding that this type of volume was not uncommon for her team.

Keeping up with hundreds of thousands of dollars of hardware assets, as well as keeping its internal customers happy, keeps the team on their toes. 

Following the MATRIX corporate philosophy, the team lead empowers her team to: Do what is right. Take ownership. Take this opportunity to grow your skills.

That approach has worked exceptionally well for both her team and her client.