A Florida provider of software, data and analytics for mortgage and home equity lending and servicing was falling behind on its commitments to clients on delivering projects and keeping up with the intake of new projects.

A key initiative was building out their digital platform to service loans at the customer level (B2C), rather than through the mortgage servicer (B2B). Doing so would make it more convenient for end users to perform changes or make inquiries into their loans.

One MATRIX Agile coach described the situation as “a lot of chaos on the digital team, especially with work planning”.


Two MATRIX Agile coaches were brought in and immediately began work to set them up as individual teams, and team of teams. Ten Agile Release Trains were established to align teams to a common business and technology mission.

Following this, the client desired to undertake a SAFe model transformation across the entire organization including inside sales, IT, account management, and outside sales.


The client’s VP/program lead said, “MATRIX helped change the way we work.”

  • MATRIX coaching helped improved transparency of all work that was going on in the system.

  • Benchmarking showed teams regularly being 50% more predicable between sprints. This allowed them to provide better delivery estimates and adhere to commitments with more accuracy.

  • Processes became more reusable.

  • Better lead times, better delivery times, and fewer defects were observed.

  • Better focus and alignment on the high priority work; while limiting unplanned work.

  • Greater adherence to long-term commitments.

  • SAFe model transformation began to be successfully implemented .