Agile training changes mindsets to create agile muscle memory.

Pragmatic, seasoned agile consultants “coach and do” using your actual, day-to-day projects. Building training programs around real-world experience—rather than hypothetical work—paves the way to full adoption.

“Agile means different things to different people. If you say you are done with your Agile journey, you are ignoring the changing pace of the industry and business landscape around you. Agile is not a destination. It is a continuous evolution, developing inward processes and practices that are adaptable as business needs and market needs change. MCG acted not as a vendor, but as a partner for our Agile Transformation.”

Sunny Shah, Vice President of Software Development, TierPoint

Connected Classes

Connected Classes

In the last year, we have virtualized our most sought-after and successful classes to create our Connected Series that aligns with today’s distributed organizations and teams. Using key elements of our classroom-style workshops, these classes have been designed to maximize their effectiveness in a remote and online environment. In the first half of 2020 alone, we have delivered these classes to more than 1,000 professionals and have consistently received excellent survey results on the quality and impact of these classes.

MATRIX Practical classes

Practical Classes

Teams and Organizations need more than just training, they need to understand the change, break the patterns that have held them back, and develop muscle memory in their practices.  Practical Courses from Motion Consulting Group accomplishes this. With techniques like “fail fast, fix fast” and “exercise-driven training,” the coursework uses activities and interaction on teams to jumpstart attendees into new ways of working. Practical Courses are available in agility, frameworks (scrum and kanban), and role-specific (Product Owner and Scrum Master) variants.


SAFe Classes

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a popular solution for many Fortune 500 and even smaller organizations. SAFe is an excellent approach to complexity in organizations and, when applied correctly, can show substantive change quickly. The key is the ability to understand, lead, implement, and maintain SAFe and this starts with not only the right training, but the right trainers. Our coursework is SAFe standard but is delivered not by trainers but by coaches that have experienced the positives and pitfalls that accompany SAFe implementations. With thousands of attendees trained, you can rest assured that Motion Consulting Group understands the SAFe landscape and the attendees can benefit from this implementation experience.

Scrum Alliance Classes

Scrum Alliance Classes

Get your Scrum Alliance Certification online and learn from our engaging, experienced coaches from the comfort of your own home. You will experience the same exercises, games, and deep learnings that you would get in person to be able to take back and apply Scrum to your teams.

Foster continuous learning within your agile environment.