Forget about preconceived notions or prepackaged ideas.

Uncover insights, identify gaps, and bring people together around defined objectives. Motion Consulting Group's agile discovery sessions quickly do all that, based on deep experience within our own organization and many, many others.

“We engaged MCG to help us define and establish an Agile development practice when we had virtually no Agile development taking place. MCG has been instrumental in helping us establish an Agile culture and make the shift away from waterfall development so we can achieve true business agility."

Digital Managing Director, International Airline

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We start by listening, learning, and assessing your current state and future goals; focusing on a slice of your organization that needs to see change happen.

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Using modern practices and industry experience as a baseline, Agile coaches collaboratively analyze their findings and circle back with validated recommendations.

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Zero In

The output is a tactical roadmap to design and deploy a better agile process flow. The outcome is alignment within the leaders and the team members of the organization to focus on a goal.

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Now we take the discovery and the tactical roadmap that we've built and apply it holistically to everything we do. Then, watch the fireworks go off with the right approach, supported guidance, and a transition plan.

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