Motion Consulting Group (MCG) agile coaching shapes a culture of transparency and collaboration.

Lean agility is within your reach. MCG coaches developers and business leaders as they embark into unfamiliar territory. We’re always on your side, with strategies that take into account team structures and corporate cultures.

“Prior to MCG coaching, I didn’t realize how immature we were. We didn’t have the right coaching internally and we had not properly prepared the organization for transformation. I didn’t know how to keep the team on track and ensure the work was moving forward; I was feeling I had lost control of my team. Now we track our progress and know where we are every day.”

IT Director, Technology Corporation

IT consultant explaining agile adoption

Adoption & Transformation

There’s a difference between adoption and transformation, as our agile coaches know quite well. Localized, process-oriented training is just one step towards full-scale, dynamic organizational change.

Group of happy IT consultants discussing scaled agile frameworks


Not all scaled agile frameworks are the same. A smooth transition into a scaling model depends on leadership buy-in, cultural change management, and alignment across teams. We can help you get there. 

Female IT consultant explaining custom agile frameworks

Custom Framework

How do you decide which of more than 250 agile practices belong in your framework? MCG coaches bring large enterprise, cross-vertical experience and insights to the decision-making process. 

Two smiling female IT consultants discussing agile leadership coaching

Leadership Enablement

Change is necessary, but often disruptive. Agile leadership coaching and mentoring are offered standalone or as part of a complete agile transformation initiative. Become a change catalyst and a better leader. 

The right agile coach adds a positive new perspective. Find yours.