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Remote Workforce Enablement

Making today’s new normal work better for you and your teams

Remote Recruiting

Anywhere, anytime, at scale

Video Interviewng

Preparation and practice
to make a great impression

Remote Onboarding

Virtual processes to keep your
culture and brand shining

Remote Training

Tried and true ramp-up to be
productive quickly

Remote Technology

remote tech stack

Remote Agile Coaching &
Workforce Acceleration

Borderless Agile teams that thrive


COVID-19 is a “watershed moment” for working from home. Handshakes and in-person meetings are out, remote working is in. Big time. While remote work is not new, managing a new virtual workforce end-to-end is a giant leap forward. From recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, training, to Agile/DevOps processes, hiring managers are scrambling to learn new techniques to keep workers working and productivity high.


"Responding to change. Helping you move from panic to pivot."

Jon Davis, Chief Revenue Officer
MATRIX Resources


MATRIX is here to help. We’ve placed close to 50,000 individuals over our 37 years in business, in all 50 states. Over the last decade, we have successfully transferred nearly all of our processes to the virtual world (without sacrificing quality). Along the way, we have learned what works and what doesn’t. And we are ready to share these learnings with you; to help your transition be as seamless as possible. 



Remote Recruiting

Recruiting remotely is in our DNA. For years, our teams have worked collaboratively with recruiting leadership to respond quickly to any request, regardless of the nuances of geography, urgency, skillsets, culture, or scale. They apply the same diligent screening techniques that we have always been known for. In fact, with video presentation,
our recruiters are able to qualify candidates and present more of a full package.

How we can help: We are happy to share our remote recruiting best practices with your hiring managers and HCM professionals. Check out our video on this topic.

Video Interviewing

Welcome to the world of virtual reality. We can set you up on Zoom, Skype or other popular platforms for your video interviewing. Need tips on best practices and video etiquette?
Our teams have been honing their interviewing skills for years to help candidates and clients put on their best face during online interviews. Want a report card on your techniques? We can give you a free consultation.

How we can help: It takes preparation, practice and coordination to make it all work well. Check out our video on this topic.

Remote Onboarding

New hires need TLC. Typically they are welcomed in person, making it easier for you to answer their questions, introduce them to team members, and notice their reactions. However, remote employees working from home miss out on those bonding interactions.

We remotely onboard more than 2,500 consultants per year. Our virtual onboarding program helps overcome these disconnects and ensure that your brand and your culture shine, making new hires feel welcome and wanted. We assign dedicated Onboarding Coaches and Consultant Care Specialists to guide new hires through all the necessary steps, swarming them with attention.

How we can help: Let us show you. Our Consultant Care and Onboarding Support teams are only a phone call away. Check out our video on this topic.

Remote Training

So, you have successfully onboarded your new hire. Great! Now someone has to train them. Does your company have all the processes set up to do this new hire training virtually? Our clients tell us this is one of their biggest challenges with hiring remotely. We have been doing remote onboarding, remote new hire training, and remote orientation for over 10 years. We currently have 40+ internal employees who were onboarded, trained and never set foot in a MATRIX office during their new hire ramp. We have become experts at making new hires productive quickly and feel like a welcome part of your culture.

How can we help: At MATRIX, we have the playbook. Check out our video on this topic.

Remote Technology Setup

It’s a pretty simple equation – No tools = no work. Everybody is scrambling to equip their remote workforce with the infrastructure and tools they need to work from home. We have worked on these issues for years – cloud strategy, cybersecurity, the best VPNs, the most user-friendly collaboration platforms, laptop prep and configuration, Microsoft technologies, and more.

How can we help: We can assist clients with all aspects of hardware/software setup, including shipping ready-to-go laptops to consultants working remotely. Check out our video on this topic.

Remote Agile Coaching & Workforce Acceleration

Agile has traditionally been best performed face-to-face. However, the hallmark of agility is to adapt and adjust to change. While it is true that distributed teams will disrupt agile coaching and training, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Most MATRIX Agile teams already work remotely, and we have optimized these processes across many of our engagements. Tapping into the knowledge of our economic experts in human capital management and agility can accelerate your workforce to help you thrive while others are just surviving.

How can we help: Our Agile Coaches have adapted proven distance learning techniques to help your teams become more agile and sustain high performance. Check out our video on this topic.


Struggling to balance hiring and business continuity?



If you could use support in any of these areas, let us start working for you today.

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