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Three Decades of Results-Driven Professional Services

Business agility has become the benchmark for success. Simply put, you change or you get left behind. We have used agile principles refined over time to evolve our processes and deliverables. Now we apply these same principles to our clients and candidates— paying close attention to your preferences and adapting our approach in ways that work better for you.

Our style is collaborative, friendly, and approachable to fit the culture of your company.

Our clients are just like you — Fortune 100, startups, non-profits, and innovative organizations spanning all industries.

Our results speak for themselves.

Meet our partners, read our story and check out our office locations.

Our Leadership

Gary Wood, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Kenny Edgerton, Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Robert Stovall, Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Davis, Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Revenue Officer

Elizabeth Varrenti, VP of Professional Development

VP of Professional Development

Don Palmer, Executive VP of National Accounts

Executive VP of National Accounts

Kathy Van Pelt, Vice President of Marketing at MATRIX

VP of Marketing

Joshua Jack

VP of Professional Services

Gervais (Jay) Johnson

VP of Professional Services

Barry Mills, VP of Global Recruiting Operations

VP of Global Recruiting Operations

Justin Thomason, MATRIX Vice President of Recruiting

VP of Recruiting

Michael Vance, Vice President of Telecom Services

VP of Telecom Services