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John Scarbrough, Partner/Founder

John Scarbrough


John holds a BBA and MBA from Georgia State University. A computer industry veteran, John’s experience includes many years with IBM Corporation in positions ranging from systems support, marketing and sales, and as a member of the Southern Region Staff. While working for IBM, John was involved with systems for manufacturing, distribution, banking, retail, financial, and a wide variety of other types of businesses and applications. In 1983 John was one of the five original founders of MATRIX.

John supervises the MATRIX Telecom division and provides general management oversight and counsel for MATRIX Staffing and Professional Services divisions. John led the efforts to develop and implement nationally recognized web sites and search engines for MATRIX and best of breed internal sales operations systems; and is heavily involved in MATRIX ongoing Web strategies.

John served as Chairman of MATRIX from 2001 to 2008; and on the board of the Wesleyan School of Atlanta.