For better or worse, remote working has permanently altered the hiring landscape. And hiring managers must face some new realities when it comes to sourcing, interviewing and hiring top candidates. Geographical boundaries are disappearing, meaning you can recruit from almost anywhere. Remote work has thrown a monkey wrench into salary negotiations, as working from home is no longer considered a “niche perk.” Cost of living calculations also come more into play, as candidates choose to work in less costly cities and towns. Expanded virtual interviewing via Zoom has created more opportunities for fraudsters to game the system by creating fake personas.

Watch the webinar recording of MATRIX Recruiting VP Justin Thomason and VP of Talent Acquisition at Brink’s, Tamara Davis, as they discuss the benefits and the obstacles they’ve encountered in this new hiring landscape and offer up some tips on how hiring managers can function better within the world of remote work in 2021 and beyond.

Facilitated by:

Justin Thomason, Vice President of Recruiting - MATRIX

Tamara Davis, Vice President, Head of Talent - Brinks Home Security

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