In today’s world, hiring managers are often more likely to go look at your LinkedIn profile than sift through your resume. Why? They receive a pile of resumes with the same skills and experience for the same position, but LinkedIn is where they get to see more of the full package of a job candidate.

We hosted a virtual workshop with a recruiter, hiring manager, and professional development manager to get three different perspectives of what each of them look for when they look at a job candidate’s LinkedIn profile. Check out the recording for things to keep in mind when you’re updating your LinkedIn profile – you might be surprised at the sections they look closely at that often are not filled out by the candidate.


  • Diane Nachazel – Director PMO, CRH

  • Ashlee Azziz – Senior Recruiter, MATRIX

  • Megan Abstein – Professional Development Manager

Moderated by John Verret – Regional Director, MATRIX

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