Product discovery and product delivery is the essence of any customer-centric business. The Digital Revolution is just the tip of the iceberg. One of the most adopted practices used for product innovation is Design Thinking and Service Design. Savvy designers and product owners are embracing these Design Thinking, Service Design, Design Sprints, Lean Enterprise, and Lean-UX Canvas practices. Still, many organizations struggle with the parallel work needed for product innovation and product delivery based on the demands of today.

Innovative and customer-focused companies are transforming into product-oriented organizations and synchronizing design thinking practices with lean-agile delivery practices. These successful companies have learned how to do all of this in parallel and not sequentially, and to continuously increase customer delight and loyalty.

In this webinar, we share an overview of design thinking processes, as well as a Holistic Agile approach that aligns product innovation with product delivery. We highlight practical examples from successful companies such as Apple, PepsiCo and Amazon that you can take away to implement at your organization.

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