As an Agile company, you want to add to the team of great people you have now and support the foundation of natural culture change. Bringing the wrong person into the organization could create a cancerous situation that sets you back as opposed to propelling you forward, but you fear missing out on the "Diamond in the Rough". What do you do as an Agile company when you need to hire "agile people" to continue to build and promote this new culture and show how awesome you are? What can you do as a passionate Agilist to get your foot in the door at an Agile company and help them be great?

In this webinar, Agile Coach Robert Woods shares easy and practical ways to change your internal hiring practices, interview techniques, and onboarding program into processes designed to entice the type of people who can help build or enhance your agile culture. He also covers techniques on how best to market yourself to an Agile organization to increase your chances of landing that great job.

Topics covered:

  • Techniques for hiring and onboarding that encourage agile prospects to apply

  • Techniques for successfully marketing yourself to an Agile Company

  • What you need to know to ace an agile interview

  • What NOT to do as an Agile Company hiring or in looking for an Agile position

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