Whether or not your office is planning to reopen soon, it's safe to say that remote working is here to stay for many organizations. Company culture often happens organically in person, but fostering that virtually takes intentional time and effort. It's critical to be proactive in this area since the culture of your organization directly impacts how you attract and retain top talent.

If your teams are working from home or distributed across multiple locations, how do you build and foster an exceptional company culture?

In the webinar recording below, we speak candidly with leaders at other organizations and hear how they are successfully cultivating a winning culture in a remote working world.

Key talking points:

-How to successfully embed both employees and contractors into your remote culture
-Practical steps to take from onboarding to day-to-day activities to incentives
-Challenges with remote culture and how to overcome them
-Creative ideas to implement in your remote culture


-Larry Hack, CIO, CPAP.com
-Bich-Thuy Le, VP, Advanced Analytics, Afiniti
-Moderated by Sara McClary, Midwest Market Manager, MATRIX

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