As Agile methods find more global applicability, we are quickly finding groups outside of IT demonstrating success with Agile methods. But the approach to the specific solutions they deliver are often catered to their own unique circumstances. The original Agile manifesto was formed with software development in mind, but from a holistic perspective, a similar yet unique approach is needed for enterprise solutions outside of IT.

As both day-to-day practitioners and Agile champions, how can we translate the success seen in Agile software delivery to parts of the organization that don't deliver technology as their core solution? Robert Woods and MATRIX Agile Director Tony Shawver answer these questions and more.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The 12 Holistic Agile principles

  • Where we are seeing the biggest trends outside of software delivery

  • How Holistic Agile changes the way we approach facilitating Agile transformation

  • How to engage an organization in a more Holistic way

  • How the foundational Agile values and principles are impacted by Holistic Agile approaches

  • How Holistic Agile is redefining what an Agile Company looks like

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