Do you have job openings you can't fill? Or maybe you found the perfect candidate but they're off the market by the time you get an offer out. It's critical that companies are on top of their game to attract talent and move them through the hiring process quickly. By planning and making simple internal changes, you will never lose great talent again.

This webinar featured Diane Nachazel, Director of PMO and Kathy Van Pelt, Vice President of Marketing for MATRIX. Combined, they have over 40 years of experience in the area of talent acquisition.

Topics include:

  • Current state of the local labor market

  • Common bottlenecks in the hiring process

  • Practical steps to streamline your hiring process to properly evaluate top candidates in less time

  • How to broaden your hiring requirements to get top quality talent that might have been overlooked

  • Position your company’s work environment and benefits to match the needs of the candidate

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