What Job Seekers Expect in the New Normal

What a difference a year makes! CareerBuilder surveyed 2,200 workers in early 2021 about their employment status and goals, as well as their takes on topics like remote work. The COVID pandemic and resulting ubiquity of remote work has certainly altered workplace culture and expectations.

Here are key insights into what job seekers are looking forward to:

  • A third of respondents said they would accept a 10% pay cut in order to rejoin the workforce

  • 34% of women resigned or reduced work hours due to personal responsibilities, including caregiving and schooling

  • 22% of women said they would turn down a job that didn’t offer work from home (compared to 13% of men)

  • 36% of women applied to a job outside their geographic region based on remote work expectations (compared to 27% of men)

  • 26% of 18-24-year-olds said they’d turn down a job if it didn’t offer a remote work option

  • Of that same age group, nearly half (49%) have applied for a job outside of their geographic region with expectations of future work from home flexibility

  • 61% of job seekers said a potential employer’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is either “very important” or “extremely important” when determining whether to work there

Source: Careerbuilder